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Welcome to Spinspired

Spinspired is a very new and very small business run by me and my husband.

I have been a knitter for 51 years, having been taught by my granny when I was three years old. I have been spinning for slightly less time (about 32 years) and have always enjoyed knitting with yarn that I have made myself. Like most spinners that I know, I spin much more yarn than I can ever knit up myself and so Spinspired was born.

Over the last two or three years my husband and I have been going to craft fairs and selling hand spun wool and hand knitted products. I always take a spinning wheel with me, and spend the day spinning and talking to people about what I do, answering questions about the wheel, the fibres I am spinning, the history of the craft, and numerous other related subjects. My husband does the serving and is also quite knowledgable about what we do, even though he is much happier with carpentry than carding!

A question we are constantly being asked is “do you have a website?” Until now the answer has been “no, but we will be setting one up soon”. ‘Soon’ has now arrived and with great trepidation, I have embarked on joining the world wide web. I can knit anything you want but am a complete novice at website publishing, so please be patient and WATCH THIS SPACE!

Anna Holzer-Mountifield